MSUM's College Connections Careers (March 21 from 10:00a-2:30p)
Choose from thre
e, 50 minute breakout sessions in:

  • Careers in Media, Performing and Visual Arts, Mass Media, Communication Studies and the Entertainment Industry
  • Professional Management, Business, and Computer Science and Information Systems
  • Social Work, Speech Language Hearing Sciences, and Teaching Careers
  • Public Service/Non-Profit, Law and Criminal Justice, Secondary Education in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Healthcare, Environmental Monitoring and Management, and Actuarial Science and Data Analytics

 Concordia College's 'Science Alive' (May 18 from 10:00a-1:00p)
Participate in hands-on sessions in:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Data Analytics
  • Physics
  • Psychology

MSUM's Scrubs Camp (July 8-13)
Explore careers in:
  • Surgery
  • Chiropractic
  • Nursing
  • Dentistry
  • Veterinary
  • Athletic Training
  • Mental Health
  • Research

MSUM's Coding Camp (June 25-28)
Dive into the powerful process of building websites and web applications.  Learn front-end web design as well as web application development from working professionals and educators.  During the 4 day camp, you will master the structure of web pages with HTML and create awesome styling with CSS.

MSUM's College for Kids & Teens (June 11-14; June 18-21; July 16-19; July 23-26)
Classes run for four days each and are open to students who are between the ages of 6-18. Some options include: 

  • American Sign Language
  • NASA Space Camp
  • Creative Writing: Fiction and Poetry Workshop
  • Money! Money! How to Start a Business
  • Cartooning and Comics
  • Video Game Design
  • Pottery
  • Paint like Picasso
  • Crime Scene Science
  • Geochaching

Minnesota Aviation Career Education Camp (June 10-16 or July 15-21)
Learn about:

  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Ground and Flight Operations
  • Airport Management
  • Piloting (including taking the controls five times throughout the week)

 Minnesota Business Venture (July 8-13 or July 22-27)
MBV is open to all Minnesota high school students completing grades 9-12.  MBV is perfect for students searching for career direction, planning for college, dreaming of starting a business or just wanting to connect with other students who share similar interests.