Chapter 20-23 Google Slides Assignment and Map/Flag Assignment

1.  Write your name, hour, and country you picked in the upper right
   hand corner of your paper and the 1st slide of your PPT..

2.  Ideas for slide information: Must have 10 slides minimum (20pts)

    a. Name of country
     b. National name
    *c. Leadership/leader
    d. Type of government/History
    *e. Map/Land area
    f. Population
    *g. Capital city
    h. Cities
    *i. Monetary unit (money)
    j. Main language
    k. Ethnic group(s)
    l. Religions
    m. Literacy rate
    n. Gross Domestic Product (Per Capita)
    o. Arable land (farmable)
    p. Agriculture crops
    q. Industries
    r. Natural resources
    *s. Flag - meaning
    t. Exports/Imports
    *u. Interesting places/Tourist attractions
    v. Facts/Graphs/Charts
    *w. Current News/Issues
    x. Culture/People
    y. Food
    z. Animals
    *zz. Interesting/odd things about your country
    *zzz. Famous people from your country

3. Using a blank sheet of computer paper and colored pencils draw a map of
your South American country.  The map should be the size of the paper and
should include the capital and largest cities, bodies of water and major
rivers (named), mountain ranges, bordering countries and other special
features. (10pts)  

4. Now turn your paper over and draw a replica of your countries national
flag.  The flag should be the size of your paper as well. (10pts)

5.How I will grade your assignment :
         A. 10pts. - Presentation- eye contact, volume, confidence,
                     grammar, prepared, and knowledge of topic.
         B. 10pts. - Length/Quality of slides- creative, time, good pics,
                     use of background, colors, layout, and extras  
         C. 10pts. - Information/Resources- text/font, grammar, spelling,
                     credible/accurate info, content, sources used  
         D. 10pts. - Title page/10 slides/Shared with me / turned in on time / all info included

6. Points - 40pts.  
  Due Date : Tuesday, February 20th
             Good Luck!!!!